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Support Services

An All-Encompassing Rehabilitation Process

Successful rehabilitation involves properly adjusted treatment and a successful continuity of care. It also includes addressing the mental health problems that may arise as a result of substance abuse or opiate withdrawal. At Mainline Preventive Medicine in Malvern, Pennsylvania, we help you progress through rehab by coupling your medical treatment with counseling and family support.

Wellness Visits

Wellness visits are open to those who have progressed through stabilization, as well as those who have transferred from other programs or physicians. The Wellness visit includes an assessment of the patient's progress, coordination of any medical issues, and assistance with maintaining sobriety. These visits reinforce progress, improve self-image by helping patients recognize that they have overcome addictive behaviors, and position patients for future success and productivity.

Continuity of Care

Progressing through assessment, intake, stabilization, and wellness visits allows continuity of care. Patients will have continuous access to Dr. Harris for any ongoing issues. This is because one of the goals of our practice is to improve access to a provider. Patients in late phase stabilization or wellness phase of recovery will be eligible for visits via our telemedicine practice.

Helping Hands

Family Support

Supportive families are an integral part of a patient's recovery, which is why all patients are invited to include their family in their recovery. Dr. Harris welcomes visits with family members as permitted by patients.

Counseling Services- Available on site

Your mental health is an important part of your recovery. Patients are encouraged to receive counseling services through a counselor of their choice. Dr. Harris may also be able to refer patients to trained counselors as needed. Patients who may have other mental health disorders may be required to receive counseling as part of their treatment. Dr. Harris will explore all aspects of counseling with any patient,  particularly those with mental health disorders.